Thursday, June 21, 2012

Copyist World-A Rediscovery

"Copyist World" (unfinished), Oil on canvas, 36" x 24"
"Pasta"1971 Oil on canvas, 59"x78"
I guess I have always been a surrealist at heart. Recently I have discovered that I have a source of ideas that have been festering in my brain for a number of years. From the earlier collage paintings that I started while in Graduate School, I have often incorporated Renascence or Baroque art into my work. My work 'Pasta' was a classic example of this.
"Chapel of the Holy Spirit" Oil on hardboard, 24"x 18"
In my series at the Franciscan Monastery Series I populated the interior of the church with figures drawn from sculpture of religious figures from the walls to populate the floor of the church. In the "Chapel of the Holy Spirit" I brought Christ and his Disciples to the alter of the Church and St. Francis and his flock to the floor of the church.

I titled my latest surrealistic painting "Copyist World" because it is a place, The National Gallery of Art, where I have been copying Master works by Renaissance artists for over 22 years.
I am hoping that this is the first of a series. At least I am excited.

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